Have you heard?
We have a NEW app!


  • We want streamline your experience as a church member for everything from the Sunday experience to event registrations to giving. No more remembering six different passwords to register for camp, go on a mission trip, give...it was bad, we know. Also, it's 2022, isn't everything an app now?  

What can I do in the app?

  • Umm... EVERYTHING! You can use the app on Sunday mornings to follow along with the sermon notes, check out what you need to know to be In The Know, precheck your kids for childcare, give to the church, sign up for events, look up members of your LIFE Group, and more! 

When can I get my hands on this thing, it sounds incredible?

  • NOW! Just follow the instructions below. TouchPoint can be used in the app for most things and there's a website you can access for some additional features. 

Do I have to change my recurring giving from MyFBCRogers?

  • Yes! There will be instructions at the bottom of this page for how you can do that. Don't worry, the new way is so much easier! Just remember to turn off your recurring giving in the old system before you set up your new giving. Or don't! That just means more money for ministry, right? (No, seriously, cancel your old recurring giving first.) 

What happens if I don't do this?

  • Well, you won't be one of the cool kids! Your LIFE Group members will probably leave you out of the socials. And really, you'll miss out on all the easiest ways to interact as a church member. You know you want to download it, so just keep scrolling!  

App download Instructions

If you're looking at this page while on your phone or tablet, just click the QR Code image below and you will be taken to the page to complete your download for Iphone or Android.

If you're looking at this page from your computer:

  1. Open the camera app on your phone

  2. Point the camera at the QR Code

  3. Open the link that comes up in your camera app

  4. Choose your phone type (iPhone or Android) and download the app

You can also search your app store for FBC Rogers and look for our church logo! 

App Login Instructions

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and locate the SIGN IN link on the left side where your photo would appear. 

On the next screen, you will click Receive sign in code via email.  

If you started by using the website login In first, you will enter the email address used here. If you are starting with the app first, please be sure to use the email address we have on file for you. If you do not know what email the church has for you, you may contact us at or call the church office at 479.636.3451. 

If the email address you entered is not recognized by the system, this prompt will appear. You may select the option to receive a code via text. This will search your phone number in the same way the email address did. If you are new to First Baptist Rogers, you may need to select create account. We advise you to set up your account using the website login first if you are creating your account for the first time. It is a more user friendly experience. 

If you entered an email our system recognized, it will send you a verification code to login. Check your email and enter the code. It will then prompt you to setup your password/PIN. 

When you are setting up your PIN, you will be asked to enter a PIN and asked again to confirm your PIN.  This is the PIN used when you attempt to access secure information via the app. 

TouchPoint Website

If you logged into the app first, use the same username and password to log into the TouchPoint website. If you are logging into the website before the app, you can use this Request Password link to set up your account for the first time. Remember to use the email address you provided to the church. If you don't know what email address we have for you, you can email us at  or contact the church office at 479.636.3451. 

How to set up recurring giving through touchpoint 

Please read these instructions all the way through before attempting to set up your recurring gift. Remember, if you debit your contribution from a checking account rather than using a credit/debit card, more of your gift goes to ministry and less to transaction fees. You will also have the option to "cover the fees" if you are using a debit or credit card.

Log into the app or the TouchPoint Website. If you're using the app you will select the tile labeled GIVE and skip to STEP FOUR

Once logged in then click on the Giving tab in the menu, then on the right side click on Manage My Recurring Giving. (EXAMPLE BELOW)

Once on the giving page, you will click on the RECURRING button, then fill out all of the information and click COMPLETE SET UP. (EXAMPLE BELOW) Click the "Add Gift" button for each fund you would like to gift with recurring giving. Remember, if you debit your contribution from a checking account rather than using a credit/debit card, more of your gift goes to ministry and less to transaction fees. You will also have the option to "cover the fees" if you are using a debit or credit card.

Please repeat the steps above for each fund (General Budget, Celebrate Grace, or Global Missions) that you would like to gift through Recurring Giving.

Thank you again for your overwhelming generosity!