Through First Baptist Preschool ministry, your little ones will enjoy a Christ-centered place to play with other kids, sing songs, and hear Bible stories all under the loving care of our responsible volunteers.

From birth to age four, your preschoolers are welcome to join in the fun as we learn about Jesus and how much he loves us. It is our hope that through age-appropriate activities, music and Bible stories, we will develop little ones who truly love the Lord Jesus.


Please bring your child to the children’s welcome/check-in desk located in the first-floor hallway. Children are assigned groups and worship times based on their age, grade, and time they attend.

Birth-4th Grade children experience LIFE Groups and age-appropriate worship, while their parents attend their own worship service and LIFE Group.

5th Grade children go to their own LIFE Group and attend an adult worship service with their parents.

For the safety of our children, we utilize a computer security system. Families use kiosk stations to check-in and check-out their children. The system prints name badges for kids and check-out slips for parents/guardians. Your child’s room number will be printed on the name badge and check-out slip.

2020 Childcare for LIFE Group Socials:

Group A | February 22, June 13, September 12, December 5
Group B | March 14, June 20, September 19, December 12

Group A Classes:
Conly, Gross, Hobbs, Larkin, Maier, Olinger, Peevy, Pratt, Scarbrough/Harper, Sexton

Group B Classes:
Baker, Earwood, Hudgins, Wells, McEntire/Faddis, Nabors, Powell, Rogers, Ross, Smith, Ryan

*Dates are subject to change based on church calendar needs



Our Safety Procedure

To check-in your child, come to the preschool area on the first floor of the church, sign your child into our security system, and take a personal pager to have with you in worship. If your child needs you during the service, we will send you a quick page letting you know you're needed. We hope you can spend quality time in praise and worship, knowing your children are in the safe, capable hands of their teachers. Once your services and LIFE Groups are finished, simply come sign your children out of the system and you're ready to go.



Parent Rotation Ministry Schedule

Parent Rotation Ministry Schedule 

LIFE Groups Schedule