The Media Ministry has been a vital part of the church for over 35 years going from a live hourly broadcast at 8:30am every Sunday morning and then moved to a taped delayed broadcast still in an hourly spot on KNWA at 9:00am. First Baptist Rogers also broadcasts live over our interactive web stream and Facebook Live. Technology has evolved but the mission is still the same, to reach the people of Northwest Arkansas with the message of Christ.

Within the church walls, all the audio, video, and lighting production come together on a weekly basis. This ministry requires nearly 40 people on a weekly basis to produce regular Sunday morning and Sunday night services. If you have an interest in serving as part of this incredible ministry, please contact Bob Snell at . Training is provided so you don't have to have the experience to get connected.  

Serve In Media Ministry

The world has become a lot smaller with the advent of television, the internet, and social media. Our Media Ministry works weekly to help make, not only the in-person experience excellent, but also share the gospel outside the walls of our campuses. If you can take a photo with your phone or you can press an arrow key, we have a place for you to serve in our Media Ministry. Our team will provide training to help you make a global impact by serving 1-2 Sundays each month. 



Bob Snell

Executive Director of Media and Communications