Upward gives kids a positive, Christ-centered environment to learn about sports and competition, along with biblical truth. First Baptist Rogers is excited to offer kids from kindergarten through fifth grade the opportunity to compete in various sports throughout the year. We offer flag football and cheerleading in the fall. Registration is $85.00 per child. To learn more about the ministry and history of Upward, please visit upward.org

Flag Football

Our flag football program, a growing alternative to full-contact football, teaches young men the basic skills and concepts of the game. Through Christian coaching and teaching, we hope the young men taking part in flag football not only grow in their skills on the field but also develop as strong men of character.

Player Registration 

Flag football is open to children from kindergarten (age 5) through fifth grade.

if you would like to volunteer with Upward Flag Football, please use the volunteer registration link below. 

Volunteer Registration

Important Flag Football Dates

8/3 - Evaluations - 10am-12pm
8/5 - Make-up Evaluations - 6-8pm
8/14 - Coaches Training - 6-7pm - Pleasant Grove Campus Kids Worship Room
8/26 - First Practice
9/7 - First Game
10/21 - Upward Celebration - Pleasant Grove Campus Worship Center


Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels of play. When athletes need encouragement and fans need entertainment, cheerleaders can take your sports experience to another level. Cheerleading adds excitement and spirit to any Upward game day. As young women grow in their cheering skills, we desire to help build them up as young women of character. 

Cheerleader Registration

Cheerleading is open to children from kindergarten (age 5) through fifth grade.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Practices are one hour on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday from 6:00pm-
  • Your team will be given a specific night and field location at the coach’s
    training. The practice night and field location will remain the same
    throughout the season.
  • We DO NOT makeup missed practices unless otherwise stated by the
    League Director.


  • Our Upward fields are located on our church
    campus across from the fire station on
    Bellview Road.
  • Each team will have half of a field to
    practice on.
  • Fields are labeled A and B. The half of the field
    closest to the Greenway is A and the half
    closest to Bellview is B.


  • We have student Upward interns that help our Kids Ministry Team run
    practices. These interns can assist you in your equipment needs, they can
    sub in as a coach, and answer most questions. These
    interns are part of our paid staff. If you have any concerns regarding our
    interns, please email us at  


  • Games are held on Saturday mornings at 9:00am and 10:30am. You will
    find game schedules in your coaching folder as well as on the side of the
    concession stand.
  • All teams should arrive 15 minutes before their game to warm up.
  • The Upward Staff will be walking around on game day in yellow vests to
    help you with any questions or concerns


  • We will begin each game by running through our Upward inflatable
  • Gather your team behind the run-through and wait for your team name to
    be called. We will call all teams in grade order from youngest to oldest.
  • When your team's name is called, you will run out of the tunnel with your
    team and head to your field.


  • • We recruit student referees each year to help us on game days.
  • Referees go through a one-hour training prior to the season and will begin
    each game with a 15-minute recap of the rules and game structure.
  • Referees run our games for us. They will be trained to keep the game
    moving and to spot basic penalties.
  • Referees will start every game with a huddle and prayer. Please introduce
    yourself to the refs on your field prior to the huddle.
  • Our refs will not start off the season calling every penalty just so kids can
    have a chance to learn the fundamentals of the game. As the season
    progresses, you will find that the rules will become more strictly enforced
    as kids begin to understand them.
  • Please show our refs grace. It is difficult to catch all penalties, and
    refereeing becomes more difficult when placed under the pressure of
    coach's and parent's expectations.
  • Remember, people are always watching. The way you respond to refs will
    be reflected in the way the players respond to refs. We want
    to demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field for the duration of the season.
  • If you see a consistently missed call amongst all refs and/or you would
    like to help us ref this season, please email us at  


  • Players will wear the uniform given to them by Upward.
    o Uniforms are reversible!
    o Home team will wear the dark color
    o Away team will wear the light color
    o Cleats are recommended in our league, but not required.
  • Coaches should wear their coaching shirt on game days.