What is Valiant Warrior?

Valiant means possessing or showing courage or determination. Obviously, a warrior is one who is engaged in a war. A war has been underway since the Garden of Eden. The kingdom of God has been under assault by the kingdom of darkness. Satan’s temptation to Adam and Eve that led to their sin resulting in the fall of all mankind was the declaration of war against God’s kingdom. Men are at their best when they are valiant warriors, battling for the kingdom of God and rescuing the disadvantaged in the name of the King.

Valiant Warrior is one of the ways we connect men to join together for worship, fellowship, teaching, and training. We desire for men (from grades 11-12 all the way through adulthood) to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and leaders in our community.  Are you ready to be a Valiant Warrior


Valiant Warrior is seasonal and meets on Mondays at 6:30pm at our Pleasant Grove Campus in the worship center. 

Our Spring study is complete and our Fall study will begin in September 2024.

Online Resources/Study guide

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