30 Days of Prayer for Ramadan

Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2024 - Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Time: All Day

Coordinator: Missions Team

In April 1992, a group of Christians from a global missions
organization gathered by the Red Sea in the Middle East. Ramadan
had just ended. Praying together, this group of men and women
felt that God was directing them to pay more attention to His love
for the Muslim world. Those involved in the meeting describe the
revelation as a clear message, calling them to embrace the Muslim
world in all its diversity, seeing Muslims as God does - as His beloved
creation. They committed to obey this word, beginning with a time
of 30 days of focused prayer and fasting for the Muslim world.

Every time that Ramadan has occurred since then, a prayer guide
has been created to help Christians pray for Muslims during the
30 days of the fast. The guide focuses on blessing Muslim people
and helping Christians have greater understanding of, and love for,
Muslims around the world. Christians from many nations get involved
in the production, sharing the needs of local Muslim communities and
stories to inspire prayer. Distributors in many nations translate and share
the guide in over 40 languages, creating a global prayer movement unlike any
other with many hundreds of thousands participating in prayer every year.

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