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This week's Missions Spotlight is on 30 days of prayer for the mulim world

Sign up for a 15 minute prayer slot, there is a prayer guide available for the day you choose.

There are 720, fifteen-minute slots available and currently only 115 have been filled.

Prayer Requests-

Mercy – Ask God to help Muslims understand that His mercy is not dependent on merit earned by following rules or good deeds but on Christ alone.


Visions- Many followers of Jesus from Muslim backgrounds first encountered Christ through dreams and visions of him. Let’s pray for God to continue to reveal Himself to Muslims through dreams and visions. (Muslims put a high value on dreams so many testimonies of dreams and visions throughout the Muslim world of Jesus Christ in white coming to many in their dreams has made a huge impact even in families.)


Boldness- Ask God to give courage and boldness to followers of Jesus from the Muslim world. Pray that these followers of Jesus would come into contact with Muslims who are open to hearing about Christ or have had a dream about Christ and the love and forgiveness He offers.


Involvement - Let’s pray that our prayers over this upcoming month of prayer for the Muslim world would spark a movement in the Muslim world of many coming to faith. There are thousands praying during these 30 days of prayer let’s be a church who joins in and intercede on behalf of the Muslims people. They are blind and they need to see the Light of Jesus! May the Lord hear our prayers and may a revival begin!  



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