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Campaign Progress

Construction Milestones



The Bellview side of the campus will have a new grand concourse entrance. This entrance will serve as a primary entrance due to the location of parking. It will contain a covered entry path as well as an outdoor commons area. This outdoor commons are will include an artificial turf area as well as a solid surface ground area for tables, seating, and fellowship. The entrance will lead directly to the new indoor commons with the baptistry and indoor playground.


The following design concepts are for the commons area or the hallways surrounding the new worship center and connecting to the existing building. The commons will be a two-story open area that has openings into the new building. The second floor will be open walls with handrails for safety in the existing building. The commons will include a the new baptistry, a kids indoor play area, a café and coffee area, as well as many places to pause and catch up with your church family.

Worship Center

The design of the new worship center is approximately 1800 seats. The main floor is a flat surface with removable seating similar to what our current worship center has. The back of the room is a gallery rise with fixed seating. The main platform will contain an LED wall that is more than 50 feet long and approximately 20 feet tall. This is an element similar to what we do in our current worship center on the wall above the choir, however, this new experience will be outstanding. We will have side screens for words, notes, as well as a video camera feed to help you experience our worship services. Behind the worship center will be our media control area as well as a new choir room and access to the baptistry.


Part of our building plan is to remodel the current worship center into two floors. This will add 28 new rooms that can be used for LIFE Groups as well as Wednesday activities and Bible Studies. The first floor will include a large room that can serve larger gatherings and small events. We will also be adding a catering kitchen to the first floor. The second floor will house additional office space for the ministry staff in addition to new classroom space.