Journey of Faith: Rahab

Series: Journey of Faith

July 26, 2020 | Wade Tomlinson

Passage: Hebrews 11:30-31

Life is a journey.  Make it a journey of faith. 

  1. Unexpected victories are won by faith.

Vs 30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.

  1. Unlikely people are welcomed by faith

Vs 31 By faith Rahab the harlot did not perish along with those who were disobedient, after she had welcomed the spies in peace.  

Joshua 2.9.  I know the Lord has given you the land…

Joshua 2.11  …for the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth below.

  • By faith, our past doesn’t determine our future.
  • By faith, our environment doesn’t dictate our action.
  • By faith, we receive salvation and a new start.

Joshua 6.25  However, Rahab the harlot and her father’s household and all she had, Joshua spared; and she has live in the midst of Israel to this day, for she hid the messengers whom Joshua sent to spy out Jericho. 

Matthew 1.5  Salmon was the father of Boaz by Rahab, Boaz was the father of Obed by Ruth, and Obed the father of Jesse. 6 Jesse was the father of David the King.

2 Corinthians 5.17 Therefor if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

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