Greater Vision: Greater Faith

Series: Greater Vision

April 07, 2019 | Dr. Wes George

Passage: Hebrews 11:1-6

Greater faith is connected to biblical understanding. 11:1-3

“By faith we understand. . .” 3

Faith is described as the means of realizing hope. 11:1

Faith has always been the way of God’s approval.  11:2

Faith has a foundation in biblical creation. 11:3

Greater faith is demonstrated throughout redemption history. 11:4-38

Faith is demonstrated in decisive action. 

Faith is not judged by immediate and apparent visible outcomes.

Faith is rewarded by God in His timing. (11:6, 13-16, 39)

Greater faith is completed in us in Jesus Christ. 11:39-12:3

We have some things.

We have unity with OT believers.

We have continuity with God’s redemptive plan.

We have Christ’s superiority as something better for us.

We do some things.

We look back on a pattern of faith in a great cloud of witnesses.

We look forward to a promise of faith in something better.

We look up to the perfecter of our faith, Jesus.

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