Greater Faithfulness: The Priorities of Ministry

Series: Greater Faithfulness

August 11, 2019 | Dr. Wes George

Passage: 1 Timothy 4:1-16

Be aware of the imminent falling away in the last days.  1-5

People will fall away from the faith in the last days especially. 1

People fall away because of demonic delusion and a seared consciousness. 1b-2   

People fall into man-made, works based religion.  3

Remember  and reflect upon the creation by God as good. 4-5

Be aware of the importance of preaching the truth in the last days. 6-16

A good servant of Christ points out the truth of the Word. (1-5) 6

Warn against false teachers. 1-5, 6a

Teach sound doctrine. 6b

Nourish themselves on the Word. 6c

A good servant of Christ practices the Word. 7-12

Avoid strange doctrines. 7

Discipline yourselves for godliness. 7b-8

Understand the hope in your labor is Christ. 9-10

Understand the importance of your teaching. 11

Do not allow age to be an excuse for immaturity. 12

A good servant of Christ perseveres in the Word. 13-16

Lead public worship through the Word. 13

Lean into your calling and gifting. 14

Be devoted in your ministry. 15

Your progress is evident to all. 15b

Pay attention and persevere. 16

A good servant of Christ produces salvation through ministry in the Word. 16b

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