prayer for the muslim world

30 days of prayer for the muslim world


This year, March 22 marks the first day of Ramadan, considered the holiest period of the Muslim calendar. For one month, every muslim around the world, fast from sun-up to sun-down and perform additional spiritual disciplines to commemorate what they hold to be the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.

Ramadan is also a pivotal time for Christians — a time to pray for God to show Muslims the truth of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are asking you to join together and commit to pray for the Muslim world. We are also asking you to sign up for at least one 15 minute time slot, to pray, during the 30 days of Ramadan. We would encourage families to take a time slot in the morning before school or at dinner, where the whole family can take a few minutes to pray together. Simply, click the button below to register. 


Also to help you along in your journey, we’d like to invite you to download the free, 30 DAYS OF PRAYER guide. This guide will help educate you and walk you through your  Ramadan/Muslim prayer time. 

Just click the button below for the guide.

prayer guide

Perhaps, in God’s grace, he might make Ramadan—a thing Christians usually avoid—into one of  the very tools He uses to bring people to His heart.

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