About First Kids

First Kids is led by a team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about our mission for your child to fall madly and passionately in love with God, His Word, and to love others the way He does! We don’t want your kids to just know the name of Jesus, but be madly in love with Him. Our desire is to provide a fun, safe, and interactive program tailored just for kids, first through fifth grade, to help them know Jesus and grow spiritually as they build meaningful relationships with other children and adults.


Sundays are the perfect opportunity to get your kid plugged in at First Baptist Rogers. We have a few helpful tips to make your first visit easy!

Kids Check-In

  • First, You will check in with a volunteer at the Kids Check-In desk outside the Preschool hallway. They will register you in our system and get your fingerprints in order for you to use our Check-In kiosks (that are located down the Kids & Preschool hallway) any Sunday after your first Sunday with us.
  • Once your fingerprints are recognized, a check-in slip and a name tag will be printed for you. The name tag will need to be on the front of your child’s clothes.
  • Lastly, you will take the child to the designated area stated on their name tag. It will either say Kids Church Room or it will give you the classroom where your child will go for LIFE Group.

Pick Up

  • Parents, you must have a check-out slip in order to pick up your child after service - without the slip you will not be able to pick up your child from the Kids Church Room.
  • Upon exiting the Worship Center, enter through door 4 of the Front Lobby and walk down the left side of the Kids Hallway.
  • Upon your arrival outside of the Kids Church Room, a Kids Ministry Team member will alert your child and send them out to you.
  • Exit the building using door 6 and walk around to your vehicle.


Select a campus below to see the schedule for Sundays and Wednesdays.

Pleasant Grove Sunday Schedule:
Grades 1-3 

  • LIFE Group: 9:40am, 6:25pm
  • Kids Church: 8:30am,10:50am, 5pm

Grades 4-5 

  • LIFE Group: 8:30am, 10:50am, 6:25pm
  • Kids Church: 9:40am, 5pm

Pleasant Grove Wednesday Schedule:
Grades 1-4

Grade 5

Olive Street Sunday Schedule:
Grades 1-5

  • LIFE Groups: 10:50am
  • Kids are encouraged to attend worship with their families. 

Elevate Sunday Schedule:
Grades 1-3

  • LIFE Group: 9:40am, 6:25pm
  • Kids Church: 8:30am, 10:50am, 5pm

Grades 4-5 

  • LIFE Group: 8:30am, 10:50am, 6:25pm
  • Kids Church: 9:40am, 5pm

first connections for kids

Did you know we offer a special class designed for kids that are new believers? During this class, your child will learn more about their new faith and how to dive deeper. 

Check it out

Kids Creative is coming back big in September! Parents, meet us in the Kids Worship room on Sunday, September 12, at 3:30pm for a short parent meeting, followed by a shortened rehearsal. At this meeting, Emma George, our Kids Creative Director, will hand out and go over a schedule of dates for the Fall semester, as well as give you an overview of what your kids will be doing each week. 

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Ways to Serve

Bonus Room


Prepare and facilitate activities for kids who have been at church since 8:30am, during the 10:50am service.  

Kids Desk Helper


Direct kids and families to appropriate rooms. Maintain knowledge of kids security and check in procedures.  

Kids First Connections


Teach kids the fundamentals of being a Christian. Desire to see kids know and grow in Christ.



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