Director of First Friends Kid's Day Out Program

HOURS: 15 Hours Per Week (Late August – May) Approx. 40 Hours Total from June – Mid August
REPORTS TO: Director of Preschool Ministry and Executive Pastor of Discipleship
MANAGES: Assistant KDO Director, KDO Teachers, & CSC’s


Manage day to day operations of the Kid’s Day Out Program, including but not limited to:

  • Recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating all KDO Staff Members.
  • Providing adequate staffing in all classrooms, including substitute teachers when necessary.
  • Maintaining all building safety and security guidelines at FBC Rogers as it relates to the Kid’s Day Out Program.
  • Ensure that all necessary reporting is done as it relates to Mandatory Reporting.
  • Visiting and observing classrooms to evaluate teaching methods and ensure quality instruction, providing feedback to teachers.
  • Establishing an excellent rapport with parents and staff.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with parents through newsletters, announcements, phone calls, Remind app, emails, & conferences.
  • Oversee the recruitment of new students (i.e. fielding phone calls, giving tours, meeting with parents.
  • Enforcing the guidelines and policies as described in the Parent Handbook.
  • Evaluate, develop, and implement marketing Materials for KDO for use within FBC Rogers and beyond.
  • Work to build bridges and communicate with other Weekday and Sunday ministries of FBC.
  • Maintain/Update Program and Staff records.
  • Prepare annual program budget and/or other special reports as indicated.
  • Coordinate ACH tuition drafts with Finance Office
  • Develop and maintain program policies and procedures.
  • Look for ways to continuously improve the KDO program.
  • Establish performance goals and objectives.
  • Develop and encourage high morale among all teachers and staff.
  • Represent the KDO ministry in staff meetings, Make it Better meetings, & IT meetings.
  • Greet parents and children when they arrive at KDO.
  • Communicate with parents when they return for pick up regarding any problems or incidents that occurred during the day.
  • Closely monitor each classroom and stand in as teacher or CSC when necessary.
  • Organize and conduct yearly staff orientation.
  • Report KDO staff hours for payroll purposes.
  • Coordinate with the Assistant Director the purchase of inventory supplies and equipment and ensure these items are available as needed for KDO.
  • Ensure the KDO spaces and equipment is kept in good order and repair.
  • Prepare a yearly calendar for KDO.
  • Prepare yearly registration packet and marketing.
  • Enroll children in KDO and determine placements and class ratios.
  • Serve as a liaison to the church staff for KDO.
  • Update yearly employee agreements and train employees on the policies and procedures.
  • Lead daily staff prayer meetings.
  • Create and maintain all class rolls and waitlists.
  • Maintain KDO enrollment in the Parent Pager system
  • Manage KDO social media accounts.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly tuition invoices.
  • Post payments of registration fees and tuition.
  • Notify parents if there is an NSF incident.
  • Turn in program receipts for program purchases and reimbursements to the finance office.
  • Prepare tax statements when requested by parents.
  • Take phones calls and emails from prospective parents and keep waiting lists current.
  • Call parents on the waiting list in order when there is a vacancy.
  • Give tours to prospective families and help in the registration process.
  • Answer KDO desk phone and voicemails.
  • Collect, file, and request immunizations forms or waivers at the beginning of the KDO year.
  • Arrange for yearly continuing education and certifications of KDO staff
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Prompt and prepared
  • Takes care of areas of responsibility
  • Takes ownership of assigned tasks
  • Positive attitude
  • Positive growth in enrollment
  • Keeps parents informed
  • Show creativity
  • Provides strategic improvement
  • Seeks training opportunities for oneself and KDO staff
  • Respects the privacy of others
  • Conducts oneself knowing you represent FBC Rogers by your actions toward and interaction with others.
  • Willingly strives to resolve conflict


Position requires the ability to lift, hold, & carry up to 45lbs for short distances. 


You must complete both of the following items to apply for this position.  

Job Application

Culture Index Survey