Overall Responsibility

This position is a vital part of the Communications Team assisting both the Graphic Designer and
Communications Manager, as well as each other ministry. The overall responsibilities of this role will be social media, photography, ministry support, printing, and making connections between our ministries, church body, and community.

Key Responsibilities

Social Media Planning and Execution

• Help plan social content based on current events, best engagement, and upcoming events
• Decide new ideas for social media
• Research trends and stay up-to-date on new social advancements
• Work alongside Communications Manager to layout editorial calendars
• Schedule social as needed per Communications Manager
• Understand and be able to use Adobe Design programs proficiently
• Help host Sunday services as needed on Facebook, website, and other streaming platforms


• Gather photos to have on hand for print and digital advertising from the following areas:
• Kids Ministry
• Student Ministry
• Church events
• LIFE Groups
• Outreach
• First Academy
• Any others as needed…
• Edit photos and be able to maintain aesthetic
• Create presets

Ministry Support

• Serve as a bridge between ministry leaders and the Communications team
• Attend meetings, give status updates, assist with event ideas, etc.
• Place orders with vendors for out-of-house print jobs, merchandise, etc.
• Upload sermon notes to YouVersion for sermons at all campuses
• Attend events as needed for social media support, print items, etc.

Story Gathering and Interviewing

• Check in with ministry leaders weekly (or more frequently as needed) to gather compelling life- change stories about events, ministry, daily life
• Connect with those who have the stories to learn more and decipher the best plan of action for relaying the story to our church body and others

Print Room/Orders

• Manage print room and print schedule for Communications Team and ministries
• Print, cut, and deliver requested items for ministry teams
• Keep inventory of the print room and supplies for the Communications Team
• Order specialty paper, guest service items, etc. as needed


Our team is looking for someone who is agreeable, dependable, willing to go the extra mile, and exemplifies the characteristics of Christ. The candidate must understand the importance of each ministry’s role in the church and be willing to support them equally. A qualified person will be a team player, have a great attitude, and handle stress and fast-paced work environments well, always pursuing excellence.

The ideal candidate would have a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Communications or a closely related field, plus previous work experience preferably with a team. Proficient knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Any previous experience with social media planning programs such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social is a bonus. Strong attention to detail, grammatically correct both formal/informal written skills, and regard to proper spelling are all musts. The candidate will need to be cross-trained to an extent to help cover when other team members are ill or on vacation.


As part of our application process, you will need to complete both of the following items: 

Culture Index Survey linked here
Submit our online application here