Adult Discipleship exists so that people can know God truly, show His love, and Grow in community. We value scriptural truth, souls, and spiritual fruit - both individually and in community. So fully focused on God’s mission, we work to spread God’s Word, develop leader disciples, and love one another. We do this through everyone’s individual engagement, small group execution, community encouragement, and Kingdom expansion.

When you get here on Sunday, the best way to get involved is in a LIFE Group. LIFE Groups are age and/or gender graded small groups in which we study the Bible, pray, and fellowship together through growing friendships. These groups meet at 8:30am, 9:40am, 10:50am, and 6:25pm on Sundays at our Pleasant Grove Campus, and at 10:15am at our Olive Street Campus. As friendships grow, you’ll find yourself growing spiritually as you lean on and point one another to Christ as you do life together.

Click here to find a LIFE Group that suits your needs.


Out of LIFE Groups, we have other groups that meet that make it possible for you to connect on a deeper level. One such group is a Growth Group. A Growth Group meets in homes for fellowship and periodic studies of topics ranging from books of the Bible to biblical finance, marriage, evangelism, and others. Another type of group is an Encouragement Group, which usually forms out of a Growth Group. Encouragement Groups meet for prayer, accountability, and of course, encouragement.