I'll Be Home for Christmas

Celebrating Christmas may look different this year,
But we're still sharing the Good News of Jesus!

This year we've created a virtual Christmas experience for you to:

* Share with your friends and everyone you meet
*Enjoy and watch with your family
*Spread the joy and peace of Jesus with our community

How do I watch it with my family?

You can gain access by visiting www.ChristmasatFirst.org starting on December 6.
You'll be able to access all the videos, activities, recipes, and more!

Get Access

If you would like a physical copy, you can pick up a DVD bundle at one of our campuses starting November 29

How Can I Invite Someone To Experience I'll Be Home For Christmas?

Share Invite Cards

Each invite card has a link to access all of the Christmas videos and activities online.

Pick up your invite cards at church and hand them out to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or even strangers!

You can also share www.ChristmasAtFirst.org on social media, text, or email! 

DVD Bundle

Each bundle will contain a DVD of the program, games, recipes, and an info card to guide the recipient through the Christmas video experience. 

Christmas Kit

We have Christmas kits that you can give away to someone. 

Each kit contains popcorn, coffee, games, recipes, DVD, and an info card to guide the recipient through the Christmas video experience. 

Kits are in limited supply and customized for each recipient, so sign up for a kit today!

Christmas Kit Sign Up

Facebook Live

On December 20, at 7pm, we'll broadcast I'll Be Home For Christmas to our Facebook page! We are encouraging our church family to then host Facebook Watch Parties throughout the week leading up to Christmas. This is a great way for you to share the joy of Christmas with people you can't connect with locally or in-person. Facebook watch parties play the video live and allow you to chat and interact with your guests just like we do on Sunday morning during our LiveStream. 

You're probably thinking, "if you're going to play it live, I'll just wait until then to experience it." Well, something you should know...the broadcast on December 20 will be a slightly modified version. Have you ever seen the bit on movies they play TV that says "this film has been modified to fit your screen?" It's sort of like that. Besides, you'll want to know how to encourage people as they experience the joy of the program while it's playing, so don't wait until December 20. Go ahead and plan to get your DVD or info card with the website address on it early. That way, you'll know how awesome it is and can really explain to people why they should join you for a watch party!!