Since November 2000, First Baptist Rogers has served our community through our Thanksgiving Meals. After Thanksgiving 2017, if we reach our goal of 2,300 meals, we will have served over 30,000 meals to the Northwest Arkansas Community. For this vital outreach to happen, we need your help! Opportunities to get involved are listed below. 

Thanksgiving meals are delivered to those in need in Rogers, Lowell, and Prairie Creek. If you know if someone in need in a different neighboring community, please have them contact the church office to determine if we are able to assist. 


Every year, we distribute more than 2,000 meals to families in need in our community. Dessert is included in each meal. For us to include dessert, we need your help with pies. You can sign up to provide non-refrigerated pies in your LIFE Group, in the lobbies of our Pleasant Grove and Olive Street Campuses, or online. We will need more than 400 pies this Thanksgiving season.

  • Homemade pies need to be delivered in disposable pans. 
  • Pies need to be non-refrigerated varieties. (Fruit or nut pies typically don't need to be refrigerated, cream and custard pies do need to be refrigerated)
  • Pies need to be delivered to our Olive Street Campus between 8am-Noon on Wednesday, November 22 (Wednesday before Thanksgiving). Please do not deliver pies to the Pleasant Grove Campus
  • Olive Street Campus - 626 W. Olive Street, Rogers

You may REGISTER HERE to provide pies. You may also sign up in your LIFE Group or in the lobbies of our Pleasant Grove and Olive Street Campuses.

Meal Delivery

It takes an army to deliver meals across our community on Thanksgiving morning. Meal delivery starts at 9am and is completed when the last meal is delivered. We encourage you to arrive at our Olive Street Campus no later than 10am if you would like to participate. Once you arrive on campus, you will receive your delivery assignment, assemble your food pack with assistance from our serving line volunteers, and deliver meals to the addresses provided. If you are interested in delivering meals this year, you will need to sign up. You may sign up at the link below, or in your LIFE Group. 

You may REGISTER HERE to participate in meal delivery. You may also sign up in your LIFE Group. 

Kitchen Crew/Serving Line

Every year, many people ask if they can volunteer to be a part of the kitchen crew and serving line. We appreciate your willingness to serve in this capacity. Due to the food preparation health codes, we have to limit who can be involved in this part of our Thanksgiving Meals program.