First Baptist Rogers wants to help you put your faith into practice. We ask each member to serve in a ministry, either locally or in partnership with one of our national or international mission sites.

First Baptist Rogers offers a variety of areas to volunteer and we’ll do our best to provide the best opportunity for you to find the right ministry fit. One way we suggest you start this process is by completing the Discover Your Ministry personal strengths survey. This is a survey of your spiritual gifts, personality characteristics, passions, and skills that will help us match you to a ministry position. Download and complete the survey and bring it to the Welcome Center before or after services. A Guest Receptionist will then take your survey and from that point we’ll process your information and guide you in selecting a place of service that uses your unique gifts.

We have discovered that the happiest, most fulfilled people, are those that volunteer their availability. Are you ready to serve? If so, let us know where.

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