Every member of First Baptist is a witness to our community and must take the gospel to those around them – family, neighbors, and co-workers.  In addition, there are 4 other groups of people that we go to locally because of their special place in God’s heart.  Check them out to see how you can Go. Give. Pray.

1.  We go to those around us.  (link to “those around us” page)

2.  We go to those in need. (link to “those in need” page)

3.  We go to at risk children and teens. (link to “at risk” page)


4.  We go to widows and orphans.  (link to “widows and orphans” page)


5.  We go to internationals. (link to “internationals” page)


In addition to ongoing mission opportunities, mark these special events:

SERVENWA – July 20 – 27.  This event is designed for our whole church to show the love of Christ to our community through service.  This one week will launch our people into ongoing relational service throughout the year.

Olive Street Campus Launch - August – Many volunteers are needed to get the campus ready and many are needed to lead strategic ministries at our Olive Street location.  To be involved, come to a vision meeting or contact wade at wade.tomlinson@fbcrogers.org.