Worship: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Worship Ministry?

The Worship Ministry office is located on the second floor of our Pleasant Grove campus. During office hours, please enter our building through the office entrance and check in with the receptionist.

Q. How can I contact your ministry?

Call (479) 636-3451 or e-mail .

Q. Who is included in your Senior Adult Choir?

Our Saints Alive Choir includes ages 55 and better.

Q. What are your special events?

We do a Spring Program (April/May); an Adult and a Children's Christmas Program (December). There is also a Children's Spring Program (May); Student Concerts, as well as other various concerts that vary from year to year. We have been known for our Easter Production “The Sacrifice”, but due to our upcoming relocation we’ve decided to wait until we are in our new facility to begin that community outreach again.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the church to sing in the choir?

No, we welcome anyone who wishes to join. You may become a member of the Worship Choir and sing in Sunday worship after attending some rehearsals.

Q. Do I have to audition to join the choir?

No. Auditions are only for potential solos, etc., or if you wish to join the Worship Singers Ministry.

Q. If I want to sing with the Worship Singers Ministry, do I need to join the Worship Choir?

Yes, membership in the Worship Choir is required to be able to audition for this group.

Q. How do I become a member of the Worship Choir?

After attending a rehearsal, you may join. At this time you will be assigned a robe and given access to our online resource.

Q. Is childcare available during rehearsals?

Yes, from birth—5th grade. We also offer childcare during most special rehearsals and programs.

Q. What if I want to just sing in a special program?

We welcome you to join us for any special programs we present! Many people enjoy the experience so much they decide to become a full time member.

Q. Do I have to be able to read music to sing in the choir?

No, most of our members sing by ear. We rehearse most music for six weeks before we sing it on Sunday. You will have plenty of time to hear it and learn it. Also, we have an online resource that allows you to rehearse the music from home or your car to help prepare you for leading on Sunday.

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