About FBC Activities & Recreation

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Our purposes are…

  • Loving God.

    To remember Him in everything we do as we take care of our physical bodies and nature.
  • Making Disciples.

    To identify each person’s abilities and talents so he/she can honor God and help others.
  • Loving People.

    To make opportunities for people to connect with each other so that relationships are strengthened and needs are met.

We recognize the importance of living active healthy lives, so we offer children, students, and adults many different recreation opportunities. Whatever the program and in every season, be it Upward flag football or basket weaving we will use these opportunities to:

  • Share the love of God with others.
  • Create environments that foster openness and playfulness for all involved.
  • Constantly offer new and exciting activities for all ages to participate in.
  • Connect with people who are like-minded and be genuine with them; making relationships with no agendas!

Activities & Recreation Questions

You’re welcome to:  Call 479.636.3451  or  Email