About First Friends Kids Day Out

Shortened to KDO, First Friends Kids Day Out strives to provide care, education, and development for children from birth to four years of age. To ensure these things are accomplished, we will provide developmentally appropriate experiences consistent with the Christian principles of First Baptist Rogers based on the authority of the Bible. We desire to extend love and intentional care to each child enrolled while ministering to families.

Activities are based on the WEE learn curriculum which is a Christian based approach to preschool, as well as the Arkansas state framework as specified in the Adventures for Toddlers curriculum. By blending these two curriculums, your child will receive exceptional educational experiences grounded in Christian principles. We provide opportunities for infants and toddlers to learn Biblical truths mixed with facts about family, friends, and the natural world. Concepts are taught through hands-on applications appropriate to your child's age and development.

Please download the form below. It contains your child's personal data sheet as well as the enrollment and tuition information. You will need to bring this registration form and bring it to the church office with your registration fee. Currently, online payment is not available. 

Download the Registration Form

Download the 2018-2019 KDO Schedule

For additional information, please contact the KDO Director Lisa McEntire at 479.636-3451 ext. 1054 or lisa.mcentire@fbcrogers.org.