We have discovered that the happiest, most fulfilled people, are those that volunteer their availability. Are you ready to serve? If so, you will find a list of volunteer positions at the bottom of this page. 


The media ministry of the First Baptist Rogers exists to help reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This ministry has been a vital part of the church for over 35 years going from a live hourly broadcast at 8:30am every Sunday morning and then moved to a taped delayed broadcast still in an hourly spot on KNWA at 9:00am. First Baptist Rogers also broadcasts live over our interactive web stream and Facebook Live. Technology has evolved but the mission is still the same, to reach the people of Northwest Arkansas with the message of Christ.

Within the church walls, all the audio, video, and lighting production comes together on a weekly basis. This ministry requires nearly 40 people on a weekly basis to produce regular Sunday morning and Sunday night services. If you have an interest in serving as part of this incredible ministry, please contact James Harding at james.harding@fbcrogers.org . Training is provided so you don't have to have experience to get connected.  

Volunteer Positions

  • Audio Engineer

Produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the best music mix possible, creating an audio mix that meets the mood the pastor/worship leader wants to convey, and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with the church service. Ultimately, glorify God through providing excellent audio services.

  •  Video Director

 The Video Director is responsible for leading the camera operator team as well as switching the service.

  • Lighting Operator

The Lighting Operator has the responsibility to help create a dynamic, visual worship environment by adding dimension, interest, focus, and depth to weekend services. All lighting cues are created ahead of the service time and the LO follows a cue list. The LO will need to pay close attention to the flow of the service and be ready to adjust as needed using preset options on the lighting console.            

  • Camera Operator

The Camera operator is responsible for operating one of three cameras inside of the sanctuary with the goal of capturing the service. The Camera Operator will listen to the direction of the Video Director and cooperate as part of the video team.

To volunteer for any of the above Media Ministry opportunities, please contact James Harding at james.harding@fbcrogers.org.