Every member of First Baptist is a witness of Jesus to our nation.  How do we reach our nation?  By sending out biblically qualified and trained men to plant new churches.  The Great Commission is not only a call to evangelize, “make disciples," but it is also a call to “baptize” new believers into a local church.  C. Peter Wagner says, "Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven." 

First Baptist has partnered with our North American Mission Board to plant churches in key cities in the United States and Canada. You can see more on the strategy at namb.net.  Our focus cities are Las Vegas, Baltimore, Seattle, St. Louis, and Denver.  Check them out to see how you can Go. Give. Pray.

Planters and Trip Opportunities

St. Louis, Missouri                       Planter Noah Oldham -  August Gate Church  (link to page)


March 26-30                        Construction and Outreach                     $300

Las Vegas, Nevada          Planters Jake and Elaine Bridges – NorthStar Church (link to page)


June 16 – 23                         Survey and pre-VBS Work                                    $450

June 20-30                           Children and Teen VBS                             $450

Seattle, Washington       Planters Andy and Trang Brown – The Landing Church (link to page)


July 10 – 15                           Community Service and Outreach         $900

October 9-14                       Community Service and Outreach         $900

Baltimore, Maryland          Planters John and Maria Kovacs – The Light Church (link to page)


No trips scheduled.  Please be praying for John and Maria.

Denver, Colorado                          Coming Soon (link to page)


No trips scheduled.  Please pray that God would open up doors in Denver.

In addition to church planting, First Baptist also partners with Crew’s International Justice Mission and Mission Dignity.