• First Students LIFE Groups*

LIFE Group leader - 
The leader needs to plan and teach the lesson to his/her group during their hour and help execute 4 socials each year.
Time commitment- 1 hour/week

LIFE Group Coordinator - 
The coordinator takes role each week, follows up with first time guest and absent students, and plans/executes 4 socials a year. They might also need to teach on occasion if the leader is out.
Time commitment- 1 hour/week

GROWTH Groups -
We need adults who are willing to invest in 3 or 4 students, of the same gender, in an in depth discipleship/Bible study every week at a time that works best for their group.
Time commitment- 1.5 hour/week

  • Vertical 514/Apex 514 (Olive Street) (Wednesday nights)*

Wednesday Night Leader -
The WN Leader is an adult who is willing to walk around and build relationships with different students as they hang out and be a part of the service on occasion.
Time commitment- 2 hours/week

Greeter -
This is an adult who is willing to team up with our student leadership team at welcoming each student as they come in and help them get involved if they’re a first time guest.
Time commitment- 2 hours/week

Food Prep -
We need adults each week to help in preparing a light snack for our students to snack on. Student Leaders will help serve this too.
Time commitment- 2 hours/week

Security -
We don’t have many security issues but we do need adults who can help us keep an eye on things and be ready if something does come up.
Time commitment- 2 hours/week

Counsellor -
While we ask that all of our adults be ready to counsel we want to always make sure that there are adults ready to go at the end of each service during out invitation.
Time commitment- 2 hours/week

 To volunteer for any of the above Student Ministry opportunities, please contact Chris Roller at students@fbcrogers.org 

 *Note: a background check is required for anyone working with students